Baxter Presents New Evidence Demonstrating REVACLEAR


Baxter Presents New Evidence Demonstrating REVACLEAR

With over 300 million Polyflux dialyzers having performed high-quality treatment around the world since 1988 6 , the series is proven to deliver biocompatibility 2 and endotoxin retention 1 with consistent performance. 1924: Haas Dialyzer Tubular Device Cellulose trinitrate 1944: Kolff Dialyzer Rotating dialyzer Wooden drum Celluphane tube The design and performance ensure that all adult patients can be treated using only two sizes of dialyzers — (Polyflux Revaclear (1.4m2) and Polyflux Revaclear MAX (1.8m2). Revaclear 300 and Revaclear 400 dialyzers are indicated for treatment of chronic and acute renal failure by hemodialysis. There is a potential presence of ruptured dialyzer fibers which may lead to High-flux dialyzer for paediatric treatments The FX paed dialyzer enables high-flux hemodialysis therapy ideally suited for the special needs of pediatric patients. It features the original Helixone ® membrane, which targets at an efficient removal of a broad range of uremic toxins, with minimum albumin losses and high endotoxin-retaining characteristics. 8 The Revaclear Max dialyzer is a single use device used for treatment of chronic and acute renal failure by hemodialysis.

Revaclear dialyzer

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For single use only. Rx Only. For safe and proper use of these devices refer to the device Instructions for Use. References 1. Revaclear, Revaclear MAX and Revaclear 300 and 400 Instructions for Use. 2.


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REMOVAL-HD study schema. HD, hemodialysis. Downloaded by: University of Queensland.

Revaclear dialyzer

Klinisk prövning på End Stage Renal Disease ESRD: ELISIO-15H

114746L- REVACLEAR 400 Dialyzer. 114746L. Browse Products. Anesthesia & Critical Care; Access; Advanced Surgery; Pharmaceutical Injectables; Infusion Systems and Specialized Patient Monitoring; Enteral & Oral Syringes; IV Preparation & Compounding; The Gambro REVACLEAR dialyzer provides high flux dialysis treatment using the PORACTON membrane.

The purpose of the study is to show equivalent performance of the Revaclear dialyzer when compared to a dialyzer with larger membrane surface area. Study design: open, randomized, cross-over, multicentric, controlled prospective.
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Revaclear Hemodialysis Dialyzer, US $ 4 - 7 / Piece, Jiangxi, China, Sanxin, 140L.Source from Jiangxi Sanxin Medtec Co., Ltd. on This item may require 1-2 days to ship out from our facility.Product Information: Revaclear 300 Dialyzer, Single UseManufacturer Part # 114745LDescription For treating chronic and acute renal failure by Hemodialysis Membrane made of polyarylethersulfone / polyvinylpyrrolidone (PAES/PVP) 300 mL saline priming volume; 74 Revaclear® 300 Polyaryl ethersulfone 1.4 300 48 Steam 272 256 242 174 323 298 278 191 1186 Revaclear® 300 Revaclear® 400 Polyaryl ethersulfone 1.8 300 54 Steam 281 267 255 191 338 315 297 213 1439 Revaclear® 400 Polyflux 6H Polyaryl ethersulfone 0.6 52 33 Steam 167 146 136 90 - - - - 465 Polyflux 6H Clearance at Qb 200, Qd 500 Polyflux 2H Revaclear Polyaryl ethersulfone 1.4 84 50 Steam 271 250 239 170 321 289 274 186 1167 Revaclear®300 Polyflux Revaclear MAX Polyaryl ethersulfone 1.8 100 60 Steam 282 265 256 191 339 311 297 211 1487 Revaclear®400 Asahi Kasei Medical Co. The Nephral ST dialyzer series features a heparin adsorptive hydrogel membrane for reduced use of heparin during dialysis. The membrane is designed to provide effective removal of uremic toxins and inflammatory mediators 4 while also reducing the systemic use of heparin.

Patients receiving hemodialysis between January 1, … The Polyflux Revaclear and Polyflux Revaclear MAX high-flux dialyzers feature a new membrane that is more efficient and more selective while retaining the same proven 3-layer membrane structure as The inflow pressure just before the dialyzer was set at approximately 25-30 mmHg (29.7 0.6 and 26.9 0.4 mmHg for the HF-Revaclear and HCO dialyzers, respectively) and outflow pressure at approximately 15 mmHg (15.7 0.67 and 15.6 0.3 mmHg for the HF-Revaclear and HCO dialyzers, fied cellulose dialyzer membranes is discouraged.2 Accordingly, most dialyzer membranes are made from synthetic polymers, 93% of which are derived from the parent polyarylsulfone family, with 71% produced as PSF and 22% produced as PES. All membranes discussed are HPM and confer specific attributes that AccessGUDID - Revaclear (07332414114923)- Revaclear 400 dialyzer is indicated for treatment of chronic and acute renal failure by Hemodialysis 2018-03-29 · AccessGUDID - Exeltra Dialyzer (00085412071244)- Hemodialysis with EXELTRA and EXELTRA Plus dialyzers is indicated for patients with acute or chronic renal failure when conservative therapy is judged to be inadequate. K stands for the dialyzer clearance, the rate at which blood passes through the dialyzer, expressed in milliliters per minute (mL/min) t stands for time.
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